Try A Chapter Book Tag

I’ve watched a few Booktubers participate in this tag so I figured I’d give it a try. I’ve been itching to try to get through some of my downloaded books and I want to get the folder all but cleared out before August. I’ve downloaded a lot more books and they’re just in a different folder but I want to clean out before I merge the two.

Right now, I have 22 books left in my old folder. Instead of trying to sort through, I’m going to read the 1st chapter of 7 books and only keep 1. At first, I was going to do 5, but I figured why not be ambitious?


1. American Girls by Alison Umminger

The book I’ll be reading a chapter of is American Girls. For those who don’t know, the book follows a 15-year old girl who starts to research the Mason girls and sees herself in them. I’m a little anxious about this book, but I’m going to give it one chapter.

The 1st chapter was good, but it wasn’t as exciting as the epilog or prologue, I can’t remember which. It’s a strong contender, but I’m not entirely sold on this pick yet.


2. Tonight The Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

The blurb of this book is what interested me. A girl who follows a blogger to find out who he is? Sounds like something right up my alley and kind of reminds me of Jeff and I. It’s a weird concept but one I can see happening in real life.

Unfortunately, the first chapter wasn’t great. I probably wouldn’t even say it’s good. It didn’t capture my attention at all and it was way too short. Plus my version doesn’t have a cool cover like the one above.


3. Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland

Another book that attracted me because of the cover. Our Chemical Hearts is told from a guys perspective, something I don’t really read. I’m used to seeing and hearing everything from a girls perspective because I am a girl and most YAs are told from a teenage girl.

Our Chemical Hearts had an awesome first chapter. It got me intrigued and I wanted to learn more about Grace. Plus it got me excited to think about how the book ends up being a love story and if it’s even truly a love story. Either way, I want to find out more.


4. Everything Leads To You by Nina Lacour

I downloaded this book a while ago but had yet to pick it up. I’m afraid if I don’t now, I’ll never pick it up and that’s why it’s in here. I think I downloaded this when I was downloading We Are Okay so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about this book. I love Lacour’s writing style, but it can be a little too much for me sometimes.

Of course, the 1st chapter had to end on a cliff hanger. I was so ready to give up on this book until I got to the end. It’s a relatively short book so we’ll see when I finally get to the end of my list.


5. The Lies about Truth by Courtney C. Stevens

Honestly, I had this book confused with another one. I’m a little bit disappointed, but I’m going to push through and read at least one chapter. It sounds bad like I’m dismissing this book already, but I’ll give a chance.

The 1st chapter was interesting no doubt, but a little bit plain and boring. It reminded me a lot of The Sky Is Everywhere. I really enjoyed that book, but I’m not in the mood to read about death when summer is such a light and fluffy time.


6. Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

Last month, I read Princess Princess Ever After and I loved it. It was so cute, watching two princesses fall in love and it was a short story. That’s why I was so hesitant to start Of Fire and Stars. The idea seems awesome in theory but what if it doesn’t live up to the hype?

So many questions, so little time to think about the 1st chapter. Either way, this book is extremely hyped and the 1st chapter is leaving me a little bit underwhelmed.


7. Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz

This is a book I didn’t know much about when I first downloaded it. After I researched a little, it kind of reminded me of The Sun Is Also A Star. I’ve never read either so I figured I’d give this one a test drive to see if it’s worthwhile or not.

The first chapter was relatively short and it didn’t tell me much. Since there’s not much to go off of, I don’t think this one will be making the cut and now is the time to make my final decisions on the books I’m going to keep and the books I’m going to delete.


Books I’ll be deleting: The Lies About TruthSomething in BetweenTonight the Streets Are OursAmerican Girls, Of Fire and Stars and Our Chemical Hearts 

Books I’ll be keeping: Everything Leads To You 

This was a tough decision, but I’m glad I did it. It was a tough choice, trying to pick between Of Fire and StarsOur Chemical Hearts and Everything Leads To You. I went back and forth for a long time before I finally decided on the final one. It was a tough choice, but I’m glad I was able to decide. Hopefully, I don’t regret it 🙂



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