I’ve finally joined Goodreads

Not sure why I was so hesitant to join but I finally did it. I officially made a Goodreads account and I’m so happy I did. You can follow me on Goodreads if you want and I’ll obviously follow you back.

There isn’t much else to say about that, but I’m going to talk about the reading challenge I set for myself on Goodreads. As of August 3rd, I’ve read 49 books and all but 1 were on Goodreads. I didn’t think it would be so no worries there.

For my reading challenge, I set it at 75 books. It’s not a huge challenge but something I can feel a little bit ambitious about. The more I think about it, my TBR should do a pretty good job of knocking out at least 5 books. Plus I’m sure I’m going to read more graphic novels, buy a few books and maybe try my hand at audio books.

Personally, I’ve never listened to an audiobook so I’m not sure what to expect. That’s a post for another day, but I’m happy I joined Goodreads. It’s a place where I can organize my books, figure out what I want to read next, know the exact release dates of books and connect with people. I think the reason I was so hesitant before was that I usually gave up before I even started reading.

With my job now, I have a somewhat flexible schedule. I have ideas of when I’m going to work and usually, I have 2 days off. Unfortunately, both this week and next are only 1 but I’ll make due. It makes reading a lot easier and I can set aside reading time during certain times of the day.

Hopefully, Goodreads ends up being a good thing for me. Was that too cheesy? Oh well, I’m excited to start using it.


5 thoughts on “I’ve finally joined Goodreads

  1. Amber says:

    Welcome to Goodreads!

    I am a HUGE fan of audiobooks. If you spend a lot of time in transit or want to be able to read and do laundry for example, they’re killer. Just make sure you listen to a preview before buying/borrowing (you can always listen to samples on Audible) because if you don’t like the narrator, it RUINS the book.


      • Amber says:

        Happy to help. In our house it’s been doubly great – my husband, who doesn’t like reading, has gone through about 10 books this year AND helps more around the house. XD So for that reason alone, I’m a fan!!!


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