‘Anna and the French Kiss’ spoiler review and my thoughts


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This month’s TBR list is a little bit out of order, oops. I chose Anna and the French Kiss on a whim because I wanted a final book for my TBR. There wasn’t anything really compelling me to pick it, but I did and I’m actually happy I decided to read it.

This was also my first time reading Stephanie Perkins. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her or the book so it was a shot in the dark. The book didn’t exactly live up to the hype but it was still a cute and fluffy summer read. From now on, there will be spoilers and spoilery talk from Anna and the French Kiss

Like my previous reviews, I’ll start by talking about what I didn’t like about the book. To be honest, I couldn’t get into the book at first. I wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe because there wasn’t much going on or Perkins writing style, but regardless, I had a hard time trying to focus. Eventually around 70 pages or so, I was hooked.

The main issue I had with the book was St. Clair’s relationship and his willingness to disregard it for Anna. As much as I love Anna and St. Clair as characters and then as a couple, it felt all wrong. I didn’t like Ellie as a character but there needed to be a level of respect for their relationship. Their relationship might not have been perfect but it deserved to be written in a less sneaky way.

A few minor things plagued me like Bridget and Topher’s relationship, Matt being in Anna’s life and the whole side plot with Dave. He was such an unlikable character and forgettable so why even bother putting him together with Anna? Most of those points confused me more than anything.

This book was basically everything I had thought. It was a cute, fluffy story about a girl falling in love with a guy she meets in Paris. The story was a little predictable as I knew St. Clair and Anna would end up together eventually. There was a lot more drama than I was expecting, honestly. It was a fun read overall.

Anna was a middle-of-the-road character for me. I liked her and thought she was sweet but also a little bit sneaky. She would do things she wasn’t supposed to or what was morally right especially with St. Clair. I didn’t always agree with her actions but it made her a relatable character. In the end, I was happy for what happened even if I didn’t agree with everything.

Then there was St. Clair. I was really confused on who everyone was at the beginning. It took me a while before I actually figured it out. There were a lot of names floating around but St. Clair was easy to remember. He was a charming and lovable character who was sneaky, too. He seemed like a typical guy minus all the grand, romantic gestures. He was made out to be a great guy and he really wasn’t.

The rest of their friend group were lovely side characters. They didn’t add much in terms of plot but still enjoyable. Unlike a lot of YA books, Anna and St. Clair’s families were introduced which they mostly bitched about. Other than that, most of the characters only appeared in a few scenes and weren’t heard from again.

Overall, the book was pretty clichey and tropey but cute nonetheless. As a first-time Stephanie Perkins reader, I can say I’ll read her again. She has a lovely writing style and I can’t wait to read the follow-ups to this one. Anna and the French Kiss is a fluffy and cute summer read albeit a somewhat problematic one in terms of relationships.

I give Anna and the French Kiss a 3 out of 5 stars.




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