A glimpse into a day of my life

Most of my recent blog posts haven’t actually been about me. It’s been about sports or books which are two of my favorite things. I haven’t really talked much about what I do on an average day or how I spend my time when I’m not reading or talking about sports so here we go.

On an average day, I usually work 12-4. I wake up around 11 or 11:15 to start getting ready. It doesn’t take me long but I like to have a little extra time to myself in the morning or if I’m feeling especially slow that day. It also gives me time to catch up on all my emails, reply to texts and watch a little TV.

Usually, from 12-4, I’m working. Most of that time entails slicing lunchmeat/cheese, making food such as hoagies and salads, frying chicken and cleaning up. It’s not exactly a glamorous job, but something to keep me busy and cash in my pocket. I don’t actually have a set schedule so my days can sometimes differ but it mostly follows the same pattern.

Once I get home, I walk my dog Chopper. This is actually a new part of my routine because the vet said he needed to lose some weight. Even though it’s extremely hot, I don’t mind walking in the evening. It’s a little bit cooler and there are fewer cars on the road so I feel safer. You can check out a picture of Chopper below, he’s a wiener dog-chihuahua mix.


My baby Chopper 🙂

After our walk, I usually come home and try to work on something. Whether it be laundry, writing or reading, I have a bit of free time from 5-8. Around 8 is when my parents and I eat because my dad is just coming home from work.

Sometimes I sit out in the dining room with them after I eat or I go back to my room and work on other things. Usually around 10, I get a shower, put on my pajamas, catch up on all the Youtube videos I missed during the day and journal.

I don’t really have a set time I go to bed. If I’m not too tired, I stay up and talk to Jeff which isn’t always a good idea. He’s usually at work until almost 4 am so I feel like I barely sleep sometimes. Either way, right before I go to sleep, I send a goodnight text and then go to sleep. The next day, it starts all over again and the excitement keeps on rolling.

That’s a pretty basic idea of what my day looks like. It’s not exciting by any means, but a good routine I’ve got in place. What does an average day for you look like?



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