‘True Letters from a Fictional Life’ spoiler review and my thoughts

It’s halfway through June and I’m already done with everything on my TBR. Holy cow, maybe I should have made my TBR a little bit longer. However, that doesn’t mean I’m done reading since I already have more to read 😉

Anyways for my final book for June, I chose True Letters from a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan. After reading the description of the book, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to read it. Before I get too far, I’ll be discussing spoilers from True Letters from a Fictional Life so be warned. There are spoilers below! 

This was a month of firsts for me as I read a lot of authors for the first time. It also rings true with this book. I haven’t read Kenneth Logan before so I wasn’t sure to expect but I like Logan’s writing style. It was simple, but written like a high school student would act and talk. It didn’t feel overly flowery but still complex if that makes sense.

Honestly, I had mixed feelings when I started this book. I was expecting there to be letters from start to finish, but there wasn’t. It was only a few sporadic letters throughout and I think it worked out better that way. After looking the story and reasoning behind the letters, it wouldn’t have made any sense to just feature letters.

I also loved the diverse group of characters Logan featured. I felt like I was connected to almost every character and cared about them. As much as I loved them, I wish he would have cut it down a little bit and maybe not featured as many characters. When I first started reading, it was hard to keep track of everyone and I got confused more than once.

There isn’t much I would have changed about this book, but a few events stood out to me. I really disliked how they portrayed Theresa and what she did to James. What she said was so unspeakable and they made her into a complete monster. I personally would have believed it if Mark did it because he was a terrible character. Everything with Theresa just left a bad taste in my mouth.

The other issue I had was with James’ treatment of Aaron. One second, he was picking on the guy and giving them advice. Then in the next second, he was trying to help it. It really irked me and made me dislike James, at first. I don’t understand the reasoning for him being so rude to Aaron and then changing his tune so quickly. I did like how Logan wrapped up things with Aaron though but still, whatever you would consider them was strange.

At points, it felt like the book was focusing on too much. Some plot lines were left hanging and deserved to be resolved.All of that being said, the book was a pretty good read. I felt like the characters were realistic as well as the story. It could be called an LGBT version of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but less about romance. It was a pretty entertaining book and

It was a pretty good book and it kept me entertained while I was reading it. As Logan’s debut novel, it was a decent start. I’m not sure if I’d read one of Logan’s books again but I’ll have to wait and see what he does next.

I give True Letters from a Fictional Life 3 out of 5 stars.




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