All About My Long Distance Relationship

A huge part of my life besides my work and my writing is my relationship. A lot of people actually don’t know that I’m in a long-distance relationship and when I tell them, I get a mix of skepticism and pity. I don’t appreciate or need either so it’s not something I like to disclose. However, I’ve been itching to talk about it finally.

Unlike most couples, we don’t really have a meet cute. It’s more of a meet creepy. We met on Omegle. You know that website where you meet strangers? Well, what started off as innocent flirting became years of talking on and off before we made a move. It would usually go like this: we’d talk for a few months, stop talking and then pick back up like nothing had happened.

After a rough situation with a douchebag, I knew I could talk to him. I sent him a message, explaining the situation and thinking he wouldn’t give me the time of day. Fortunately, he did and that’s where it all began. After years of talking, flirting and toying with the idea of being together, it was finally time and I was ready as I hope he was (or still is!)

It was nice to finally be with someone I had secretly wanted to for such a long time. He was a part of my life I could never let go of and I didn’t want to. Once we started dating, it suddenly became real that we would have to meet. Honestly, before then, I didn’t even think we would meet. We hadn’t been that serious before and the possibility of us meeting seemed so foreign until then.

After talking it over, we started to plan out what we were going to do. We decided to meet in August so he would have time to take off work and I could break the news to my parents as well as make arrangements to get to the airport. If I remember correctly, we had everything set in stone by May.

With three months until my visit, I was feeling anxious, because until then, I hadn’t met anyone I’d talk to online before. We had skyped so I knew it was him but the nerves were still there. My parents knew we were dating and talking but in June, I broke the news about meeting him. My dad couldn’t have cared less and my mom was not happy as she believed I had better things to worry about. I was hurt but tried to stay positive.

With 2 months until my trip, I had already planned out my way to get to the airport and found a way to get myself home. All I needed was to make sure I packed everything and work out what we were doing. Being from Pennsylvania, I had very little knowledge about what to do in California until he mentioned Disneyland. I was excited about the idea, but also skeptical as I knew how expensive it was. When he decided we would go, I began saving up like crazy and so did he.

As the trip grew closer, we prepared even more. I got a duffel bag for the trip, went shopping for new clothes and freelanced as much as I could to earn some extra cash. The summer felt like a whirlwind until it was finally my birthday, August 15th. We had planned to meet on the 16th and with an early time of 6:30 am,  I was more than ready to get on the plane.

I got to the airport extremely early and had to sit and wait. It felt like the longest two hours of my life, waiting to board the plane. Then it was a 6-hour flight to get there and then another 1 or so to where we were staying. Those 6 hours felt like the longest of my life and as soon as my texts started coming through, I knew we were getting close to the ground.

I was feeling anxious and then the plane landed. I gathered my suitcase and backpack, walking out to the airport. I was super anxious as I looked around for him. After looking at all the seats, I couldn’t find him. I immediately started to freak out, texting my friends and telling them he wasn’t there and I was sure I was being catfished.

Around a half an hour later, I had sent a few texts and called him. He finally called back, letting me know he had been going through security and to tell him where I was. I told him the gate number and waited for a few more minutes until I saw him. The lack of sleep, crappy freelance work, and 6-hour plane ride were all worth it to look into his eyes and feel his arms around.

Spending a week there was magical. Going to Disneyland, the zoo and just being with him was everything I had hoped for. The chemistry was instant and I knew we both felt the same. After months of waiting, it was all worth it until I had to leave. Leaving is something I don’t like to talk about because it makes me think of bad memories instead of good. Let’s just say there was a lot of crying and saying I love you before I left.

Since then, it’s been hard. Most people don’t like to admit it, but it’s different after you’ve actually been with them in person. You’re not imaging everything in your head anymore because you’ve experienced all of it. Despite all of that, I wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world.

It takes a lot of work, trust, communication and patience. Then again, everything that’s worth it will and does. Being long distance isn’t ideal but it’s our reality right now. As hard as some days might be, it will make it all worth it when I’m finally with him again.

I’m sure I’ll talk about him on here a lot because he’s a big part of my world. So get used to hearing about it and him 🙂

Us and Minnie Mouse 🙂

I might even give some tips on being in a long distance relationship, fun date ideas and ways to stay close despite being far away.



7 thoughts on “All About My Long Distance Relationship

  1. jencat1 says:

    I agree its definitely different after you finally meet…different in the very best way!! Best of luck💕💕 Im in a LDR too, Id love to have you check out my blog😊


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